We are Eileen & Karel Pittaway and we reside in Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia which is in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne at the foot of the beautiful Dandenong mountain ranges.

Our cattery prefix is "Merindalee" and our special hobby is breeding and showing Abyssinian cats to the Standard as set by the Feline Control Council of Victoria. We established our cattery in 1974 and over the years we have bred many of Australia's finest Abys and exported to many parts of the globe. We have won numerous Local, Interstate and National awards and we pride ourselves on breeding healthy cats and supplying the very best possible.

Our initial attraction to the Abyssinian was for their beauty, elegance & colourful regal appearance. We now admire their loyalty and intelligence and their interactive and high activity level. We have been registered and respected breeders of the Feline Control Council of Victoria Inc since 1975. We are also founder members of the Abyssinian Cat Club of Victoria Inc. which was established in 1979, and for her work within this club and with the Abyssinian breed Eileen was granted Life Membership.


Our Aims

As dedicated breeders of Abyssinian cats our continuing aims are:

  • To conform to our Governing Body's Code of Ethics to the best of our ability
  • To breed and provide sound, healthy Abyssinians which have longevity
  • To produce socially adjusted cats with good temperaments
  • To breed to the Standard set by our Governing Body with the aim of producing beauty, elegance and perfection.
  • To share our knowledge and advice with others.

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